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Austin One Wheelers
We are a group of unicyclists from all walks of life.
We have been meeting for distance rides on Cokers, off-road rides, free-style sessions, and unicycle hockey.
Newcomers of all skill levels are welcome to join us. We meet at various times during the week.

Join our Forum or email one of the club contacts below and we will let you know where you can find us.

Notice: This website is currently being brought up to date (July, 2003). Please email Eric with your comments or suggestions. Complaints can be emailed to Darren.
I'm working on a new website.

Club Contacts
  • Website Guy ~ Eric (eric's email address)
  • CEO ~ Darren (darren's email address)
  • Big Wheel ~ A.J. (aj's email address)

Many (very few) of the members post on the newsgroup.  If you have a question or comment about unicycling, the newsgroup is always willing to help and advise.

Austin Yellow Unicycle Project

The Yellow Unicycle Project (YUP) fixes up old unicycles, paints them yellow, and leaves them around town where they are free to use, but not to keep.

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History of the Club

1894 Formation of the Austin Two Wheelers Bicycling Club
1899 Rift in the group spawns the Austin One Wheelers - a nine-man secret society devoted to unicycling and acrobatic bicycling
1902 Official constitution adopted
1917 Austin Two Wheelers Bicycling Club disbands
1928 Austin One Wheelers changes name to Austin One Wheelers Unicycle Club
1935 Club opens its doors to women with the admittance of Clarice McFarland and Mildred Harris - a couple of daredevils.
1957 Seven members of the club tour Europe with an acrobatic One Wheeled Wild West Show
1958 February - Two members of the Wild West Show severely injured - show is cancelled
1963 First Annual Unicycle Steeplechase
1971 The "Full Moon Unicyclists" - a sub-group of the club begin unicycling through the streets of Austin (clothing optional) on nights with a full moon
1972 April - Last steeplechase to be held due to high injury rate
1979 Christmas - 4 members form a unicycle marching band during the Christmas Parade (Clarinet, Banjo, Trombone, and Sousaphone)
1982 Summer Solstice Unicycle Rally - Unicyclists from all over the world converged on Austin for a unicycle convention.  The steeplechase was held one more time (no injuries).
1989 Artistic Unicycle Ballet becomes more popular with many of the members
1998 Club constitution modified.  The group shall no longer be a secret society.  Began actively and publicly promoting the organization.
1999 November - Club launches website.

Legal Disclaimer - Please Read

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