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Parade Skills, Moves and Routines
Here is a list of my favorite unicycle moves -Eddie
  1. The Pirouette or multiple spins  ( this is a very difficult trick, corrdination of the upper body along with smooth non-jerk riding is essential for this beautiful move )
  2. Bunny Hopping  ( hopping is fairly easy and is a necessary skill for any rough trail riding, it can be done with or without holding the seat)
  3. Half Spin into Backward Riding   ( with this move it is difficult to achieve a smooth transition from forward riding to backward riding without really stopping, but it fun to see peoples faces when you pass them riding forwards, spin and face them riding backwards while waving hello )
  4. Walking The Wheel    ( this is a fun trick and looks much harder than it really is. The secret is to never have both feet off the wheel at any time, and keep the head up )
  5. Fast Side Slide Stop   ( this move has saved me from what could have been a bad accident. When you are moving forward fast you can't always brake straight on, turning away from an object sharply is the fastest way to make a dead-on stop )